Birdwatching for Photographers & Birders on Lanzarote

For Photographers & Birders, Lanzarote can offer not in quantities but unquestionably some extremely intriguing and rare species all year long.

Outfitted with a dependable 4×4 vehicle with its one of a kind open roof allowing Photographers & Birders to get a 360 degrees overview of the environment around. The main area of focus in Lanzarote is the deserts, home to the Houbara Bustard, Cream Coloured Courser and Stone Curlew. While searching for the island’s most loved flying creatures, you’ll meet numerous little amazes in transit. Larches, finches, larks, hoopoes, southern shrikes of many kinds and every so often a kestrel or an Egyptian vulture to please your eyes. It is regular to meet goat groups in the deserts with the steady organised flow of various dairy cattle egrets, which is something you must see! Coastal wildlife around the Island also can be rather diverse with the Black Winged Stilts inhabited to the Island all year long with the Kentish Plover, Barbury Falcons.

The Atlantic island of Lanzarote is home to various fascinating types of wildlife. As Lanzarote has expanded in tourism and general development so has its greenery enclosures, trees and grassed territories and this has given an inviting place of refuge to a vast mixture of inhabitant and migrating birds. There are numerous tracks and ways in the wide open and costal route of Lanzarote and these give you an awesome course to investigate the island and pay special mind to all the diverse sorts of winged creatures.

Here is a testimonial below from Joe Turner, a Professional Wildlife Photographer based in the UK that recently joined me on a birdwatching/photographic excursion over his period of stay on Lanzarote.

“I recently visited Lanzarote in search of the rare Houbara Bustard and other rare subjects that inhabit the open desert areas around the northern section for the island which was the main focus of the trip for me, along with the Black-Winged Stilts holden a main interest for me and my clients back in the UK.

After a couple of excursions with David during my time on the Island I was able to capture nearly all images I was after from the trip. On the first trip David guaranteed to see Houbara’s on the evening within 30 mins of entering the desert we had 10 sightings of close Houbara Bustards and Stone Curlew so close to the vehicle you could touch them!! This is why I hired David for my photographic trips for his in depth knowledge about Wildlife on the island and the vehicle is amazing for photographers, allowing you 360 degrees photographing from the top of the vehicle which proved amazing for tracking the birds and photographing them inflight, compared to a normal vehicle that you would not be able to manoeuvre as well in.

Another bonus with this was the ability to rest the lens on the beams in the roof which balances a 400/500/600/800mm lens perfectly and steady, saving the hassle of Tripods and Monopods being used. After my very delightful experience working with David I have booked up straight again for next year to continue working with him. If you are coming to Lanzarote and looking for a Wildlife related trip, he is the man to contact.”

Joe Turner

View some of Joe’s bird wildlife photographs taken on the island here.

If you are interested in a birdwatching experience on Lanzarote, please visit our birdwatching Lanzarote page.

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