Testimonial from Niamh O’Reilly

“In need of knowing Lanzarote? Are you looking for an adventure? Are you looking for something different? Something crazy, thrilling, exciting and fun? Have no fear, Crazy David is here!

What can I say about my day with Crazy David? My day out with Crazy David was overall amazing.

Crazy David took me to places that I have always dreamed of seeing and to places I didn’t believe were real at all.

From 10 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. my friends I had non stop adventures, entertainment and overall fun. The smile never left my face all day. This was my first time in Lanzarote and my God what fantastic day I had. I got to experience and see the real Lanzarote, not just tourist spots.

Crazy David took us to a beautiful cave and we could see beautiful lava tear ducts, and we tasted fresh berries and picked them ourselves off of a shrub.

My friends and I got to do Rollie Pollies down real life sand hills and race one another up and down them. Truly a once in a life time opportunity.

The highlight for all of us was getting the chance to do some off roading on abandoned motor bike treks and around abandoned areas. It was so thrilling, exciting and something completely new and different.

I can not recommend Crazy David enough. Crazy David is truly an intelligent, hilarious, genuine and lovely man. After being in the car with him for five minutes, I felt like I had known him a life time. Crazy David is truly the best and I promise you that no day with Crazy David would ever be boring. Crazy David will give you one of the best days of your life and will leave you with memories that will last you for a life time.

Thank you Crazy David for one of the best days of my life!” 🙂
Niamh O’Reilly

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